Hallway lighting by Philips

    Why Philips hallway lighting?


    Your hallway is the first room that people experience in your home. First impressions count, so it should always provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We can help you find the right hallway lighting for every decor, from brilliant ceiling lights to soft table and wall lights. Beautifully aesthetic designs for hallway lighting that also play a functional role in guiding you and your guests into your home.

    Hue White Ambiance

    Fair ceiling light


    Include a Philips Hue White Ambiance Fair fixture in your Philips Hue system and feel better with natural light that helps you wake up, energize, concentrate, read and relax. Connect it to the Philips Hue bridge and control it your way.

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    Relax, read, concentrate and energize with light recipes
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    Installation free dimming
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    Create your ambiance with warm white to cool daylight
    Hue White Ambiance

    Functional hallway lighting—for the perfect first impression


    Your choice of hallway lighting is determined by various factors. Depending on the size of your house, your hallway size will vary and will have different needs.

    In general, each hallway needs a basic brightness in order to illuminate the room evenly. Hallway ceiling lights are especially suitable for this purpose. However, they might not be sufficient to illuminate the whole area, depending on the size of the hallway. Indirect lighting on the walls helps to make it cozier and more welcoming, as well as enhancing the first impression of your home. Larger rooms can be accentuated with spotlights, which create an even illumination and help you see where you are going.

    Only the best for your hallway—all advantages at a glance

    5-Year Warranty
    On top of the standard 2-year warranty for this lamp, Philips offers a  5-year warranty on the LED system, meaning the LED module and the driver in this lamp.
    Light color temperatures
    Light can have different color temperatures, indicated in units called Kelvin (K). Lamps with a low Kelvin value produce a warm, more cozy light, while those with a higher Kelvin value produce a cool, more energizing light. This Philips lamp offers warm white light for a cozy atmosphere.
    Philips Energy-saving lamp
    This Philips energy-saving lamp conserves energy compared with traditional light sources, helping you to save money on your electricity bills and do your bit for the environment.
    LED 15 years' average use
    A light source you can trust. The integrated LEDs used in this Philips LED fixture will last up to 15,000 hours (which equals 15 years on the basis of an average use of 3 hours/day with at least 13,000 on/off switching cycles). It feels so good to think that you won't have to worry about maintenance or light bulb replacement while having the perfect light ambience in your home.

    Make your entrance stand out with hallway lights


    Once the basic illumination is set in the hallway, it’s then all about creating a feel-good-atmosphere. Light installations can enhance beautiful decorative pieces that are often found in larger hallways. Table lamps on chests of drawers or sideboards create warm islands of light. Wall lights can be used to make a feature of pictures and sculptures. Closets can be enhanced by downlights or spotlights from a wire, rod or power track system. When considering the light in a hallway that has mirrors, it is best to choose a wall light with a glare-free soft light. Colorful LED lamps and lights can create a bit more flamboyance in your hallway.

    Hallway lighting—tips

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    Hallway lighting by Philips: Find the right lighting for your hallway

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    LEDs or energy saving lamps provide many hours of light.
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    Colored lighting can set unique accents in your hallway. Use Philips Hue and choose from 16 million colors.
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    For a warm welcome, use dimmable light. WarmGlow bulbs provide a cozy glow—he more you dim, the warmer the light.
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    Use natural light in your hallway. Hallway lights should be able to deliver a high quality color rendering.
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    Bright light to get started in the morning, a cozy glow to come home to at night: SceneSwitch provides the right light for all parts of the day, no dimmer needed.