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See what light can do in the Home Office and Study

Home office and desk lighting


These days we all spend hours on a computer, whether for work or leisure. If you want to stay focused, you'll need the right kind of home office lighting.


We offer a wide range of desk, wall and floor lamps to fulfill everyone's needs. Students can find colorful, fun desk lamps to suit their study room or bedroom. If you're looking for more elegant lamp designs, our ergonomic and eye-catching desk lamps will definitely suit your taste.


Study lights: easy on the eyes


Our desk lamps provide bright light and give your eyes sufficient support, so it's easier to concentrate. This also increases productivity and aids in activities like studying, working and reading. Our desk lamps feature energy-saving light bulbs from eco halogen to the latest LED technology, providing warm white light that's easy on the eyes. With Philips home office and study lighting you remain bright hour after hour and perform better day after day.

Home office lighting tips

  • Place the desk lamp at the opposite side of your dominant hand to reduce shadows when writing or reading.
  • Angle your computer screen away from the natural daylight and from the light beam of the desk lamp at night. This way you avoid getting the reflection from the computer screen in your eyes.
  • Make sure your desk lamp has enough light output to cover your entire working area and that you can direct the study light to where you need it.
  • Use task lights combined with general lighting for reading and writing. This helps to prevent eye strain.

Popular home office lighting and desk lamps