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See what light can do in the Kids' room

Kids' room lighting


We provide the right light output for your children’s needs. Younger children respond better to gentle light and their sleeping pattern can be disrupted by harsh lighting. Philips wants to light their world, because we know they mean the world to you.


Keeping your little loved ones safe


All our children's lamps are designed with child-friendly materials such as (FSC) wood and non-toxic paints. Sharp edges are avoided at all times and the cables get extra attention; they break off if they get pulled.


High quality energy-saving lights


Philips offers a range of children's lighting with the latest energy-saving technology from fluorescent energy-saving bulbs to high-power LED bulbs.

Kids' room lighting tips

  • Light switches should be within easy reach of your children’s bed, so they can use the bedroom lights in the middle of the night when they need to use the bathroom.
  • Your child's sleeping pattern can be disrupted by harsh lighting so gentle, warmer lights are recommended for a nursery.
  • Always choose child-safe materials that include non-toxic paints and non-removable parts.

Popular kids' room lamps