Kitchen lighting

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See what light can do in the Kitchen

Kitchen lights


Cooking a good meal for family or friends starts in a brightly lighted kitchen, no matter how big or small the space is. To try out recipes and for precision tasks like chopping and cutting, you'll need bright, shadow-free general kitchen lighting. And after you've prepared a great meal, gather around the table, dim the light and enjoy!


Great functionality with energy-saving light bulbs


Philips offers a wide range of kitchen lighting solutions that enhance every kitchen activity, from single spots to elegant pendants for above the dining table. Many of our kitchen lights are designed to fit places like under low cabinets, high-up shelving units or above the cooking area.


Our kitchen lights are designed with the latest energy-saving technology from energy-saving light bulbs to high-power LED light bulbs. The long-lasting light sources require little replacement or maintenance.


Kitchen lighting tips

  • Task lighting concealed under cabinets helps light surfaces where you perform tasks like chopping, grinding and mixing.
  • Place concealed spotlights on top of your cabinets so the spots reflect off the walls and ceiling to bring a shadow-free lighting.
  • Installing a recessed spotlight light above your kitchen sink provides adequate task lighting for this area.
  • Try accentuating areas such as counters with directional lighting from the ceiling. This will create more contrast and add a touch of appeal.

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