Kitchen lighting by Philips

    Why Philips kitchen lighting?


    Your kitchen is the hub of your home. A place where you get together to cook, catch up over a meal, and celebrate. But it needs the best kitchen lighting to bring it all to life. We can show you kitchen lighting ideas that are beautifully practical and functional, but also warm and inviting. Including a mixture of ambient, accent, and task lighting to ensure you get the most out of your kitchen design. Whatever you're cooking up in the kitchen, we can help you set the right mood.

    Hue White Ambiance

    Cher suspension light


    Include a Philips Hue white ambiance Cher fixture in your Philips Hue system and feel better with natural light that helps you wake up, energize, concentrate, read and relax. Connect it to the Philips Hue bridge and control it your way.

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    Relax, read, concentrate and energize with light recipes
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    Create your ambiance with warm white to cool daylight
    Hue White Ambiance

    Kitchen lighting ideas


    Does your kitchen already have a nice ceiling fixture? That’s a good start, because ceiling lights create a basic brightness, which is excellent for orientation. However, such lighting is not sufficient to light all areas of your kitchen. We recommend LED light fixtures and bulbs—they produce a soft white light, are dimmable and energy-saving. Depending on how big your kitchen is, you should consider the following components in the planning of your kitchen lighting:

    Only the best for your kitchen—all advantages at a glance

    5-Year Warranty
    On top of the standard 2-year warranty for this lamp, Philips offers a  5-year warranty on the LED system, meaning the LED module and the driver in this lamp.
    Light color temperatures
    Light can have different color temperatures, indicated in units called Kelvin (K). Lamps with a low Kelvin value produce a warm, more cozy light, while those with a higher Kelvin value produce a cool, more energizing light. This Philips lamp offers warm white light for a cozy atmosphere.
    Philips Energy-saving lamp
    This Philips energy-saving lamp conserves energy compared with traditional light sources, helping you to save money on your electricity bills and do your bit for the environment.
    LED 15 years' average use
    A light source you can trust. The integrated LEDs used in this Philips LED fixture will last up to 15,000 hours (which equals 15 years on the basis of an average use of 3 hours/day with at least 13,000 on/off switching cycles). It feels so good to think that you won't have to worry about maintenance or light bulb replacement while having the perfect light ambience in your home.

    Illuminate your kitchen workspace

    Home chefs know it best: there’s nothing more essential than bright light while cooking. To best see your chopping, dicing, and sautéing tasks, choose even and non-reflective kitchen lighting. We recommend light in a neutral-white for the work areas of your kitchen.
    If you have an eat-in living room, your dining area should have a light fixture. This area is usually quite busy: be it a romantic dinner for two, having a meal with friends, or children doing their homework at the table, there’s always something going on. That’s why it helps to have the ability to adjust your kitchen lighting according to whatever’s going on. A dimmable hanging light above the dining table that produces a warm-white light is a good choice here as the light can be adjusted according to your individual needs.
    Decorative kitchen lighting allows you to bring a warm and inviting atmosphere into your kitchen. LED-bulbs and fixtures provide beautiful warm-white light and  have a long working life. Colorful light can also contribute to a friendly atmosphere in your kitchen, perfect for entertaining. Just change the color depending on the mood or occasion.

    Kitchen lighting design—tips

    Kitchen Lighting Design Tips Philips

    Find out how Philips illuminates your kitchen

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    Functional luminaires, which are invisibly installed underneath cupboards, illuminate the worktop in order to guarantee safety during diverse kitchen activities.
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    Covered spotlights on top of cupboards illuminate the ceiling and the walls, which enables a shadow-free lighting. No matter how bright you want them to shine: Our dimmable bulbs with warm glow effect provide a cozy glow—the more you dim, the warmer the light.
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    Fitted spotlights above the kitchen sink deliver the functional lighting needed for this area.
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    Certain areas such as the bar or worktops can be accentuated by lights shining down from the ceiling—that’s how you can create contrasts and give a special touch to your kitchen lighting. For an individual lighting experience, use Philips Hue and choose from more than 16 million colors.
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    Dimmable luminaires can create the perfect atmosphere around the dining table in all situations. With SceneSwitch, you can choose from 3 different lighting settings—no dimmer or installation needed.