Living room lighting by Philips

    Why Philips living room lighting?


    Your living room is the heart of the home. A room where you experience many different moments—relaxing with friends, watching television on the sofa, working, or even enjoying meals. We can show you how to adapt your lighting to reflect each activity, from bright ceiling lights to cozy living room lamps. So whatever you're doing, your living room lighting will create the perfect ambience.

    Philips Maglia Pendant

    Suspension light

    Create a unique look with the Maglia pendant in bronze finish. The industrial design will fit in both modern and classic interiors.
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    Adjustable height at installation
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    Perfect to relax and socialize
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    Create a stylish and welcoming atmosphere
    Philips Maglia Pendant

    Living room lighting ideas—for a cozy atmosphere


    Your living room lighting must adapt to many situations, as not every light fits every occasion. A ceiling light creates the basis for the perfect living room lighting. Used here, a dimmable lamp works well, to create range of light nuances, from bright white light to cozy warm light. We recommend LED light fixtures and bulbs—they produce a soft white light, are dimmable and energy-saving. A ceiling light is very useful when playing, cleaning or working. If you want your room to feel warmer, you can complement your lighting with the following:


    • Table lamps at the dining table, on window-sills or shelves
    • Floor lamps close to the sofa or the reading chair
    • Wall lighting combined with mirrors, paintings, sculptures
    • Integrated lighting, i.e. in book shelves

    Living room lighting design – tips

    Philips Living room video freeze frame

    See how Philips WarmGlow sets the perfect mood in your living room

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    Install a floor lamp behind your reading chair in order to get enough light for your favorite book. With our SceneSwitch products, you can set 3 different scenes from bright light to a cozy glow, all without a dimmer.
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    No matter how bright you want them to shine, our dimmable bulbs with warm glow effect provide a cozy glow—the more you dim, the warmer the light.
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    Colored light or dimmable lamps can be used to modify the atmosphere. We recommend Philips Hue —with more than 16 million colors, you can turn your everyday lighting into an extraordinary experience.
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    Paintings and photographs can be accented with ceiling spotlights