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Easy to combine breast and bottle feeding

Philips Avent Natural baby bottle

The Philips Avent Natural baby bottle is designed for moms who want to combine breast and bottle feeding. The ultra soft, breast-shaped nipple encourages a natural latch and mimics the feel of a breast, making the switch between breast and bottle as smooth as possible for you and your baby.
Wide breast-shaped nipple allows for natural latch on
Ultra soft nipple mimics the feel of the breast
Airflex valve designed to reduce feeding issues such as colic
Ergonomic shape, easy to hold even for tiny hands
Few parts for easy cleaning and assembly
philips avent breast-shaped nipple

Natural latch on

The wide, breast-shaped nipple is designed to encourage your baby to latch on just like they would to the breast, making it easy to combine breast and bottle feeding.
philips avent ultra soft nipple

Ultra soft nipple 

When you’re wanting to create a smooth bottle feeding experience for your breastfed baby, it can help to keep things as natural as possible. That’s why we created a nipple with an ultra soft texture that’s designed to mimic the feel of a breast.
spiral design natural nipple

Flexible spiral design

The spiral design of the nipple and petals ensure it naturally flexes, so your baby can enjoy an uninterrupted feed.
anti-colic valve

Anti-colic Airflex valve

The anti-colic valve in the Natural baby bottle designed to reduce colic and discomfort by venting air into the bottle and away from your baby’s tummy.
Number one brand recommended by Moms

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Want a natural way to bottle feed?

Get started with a Natural baby bottle that's designed to help you combine breast and bottle feeding.
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Go with the right flow

Philips AVENT natural nipples from 0m to 6m+
Ultra soft and flexible nipples for younger babies
Philips AVENT natural nipples from 0m to 6m+
Smooth, bite-resistant nipples for older babies

As your baby grows, the nipple that’s best for them will change too. They’ll become more confident at drinking from a baby bottle and can drink more milk in a shorter amount of time.


Our nipples are designed to let the right amount of milk flow through based on your baby’s development stage. They range from ultra soft to bite resistant, and slow to fast flow. 

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