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    94th General Session & Exhibition of the International Association for Dental Research

    Seoul, Republic of Korea, June 22-25, 2016

    94th General

    Session & Exhibition

    of the International Association

    for Dental Research

    IADR/APR General Session


    On June 22-25, the 94th General Session & Exhibition will be held in conjunction with the 3rd Meeting of the IADR Asia Pacific Region and the 35th Annual Meeting of the IADR Korean Division. Altogether, 4,000 dental professionals from at least 70 countries are expected to attend.


    You can meet us at our booth (#210) or join us at the "Periodontitis, cardiovascular disease and diabetes: a role for good oral health" symposium, which will be given by Professor Bruno Loos. There will also be a poster presentation by Dr. Michelle Starke: “Comparison of plaque removal efficacy by two power toothbrushes.” Dr. Marc Watts will present the IADR/Philips Oral Healthcare 2016 Young Investigator Research Grant on behalf of Philips.

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    Philips events at IADR

    Professor Bruno Loos

    Professor Bruno Loos
    June 23, 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. (room 102)


    More and more information is becoming available about the important relationship between general health and oral health.

    There is increasingly strong evidence of an association between gingival/periodontal disease and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ACVD). Plausible mechanisms, including genetic pleiotropy, have been researched to explain the links between periodontal diseases and ACVD. Further, intervention studies to improve periodontal conditions have shown not only resolution of oral inflammatory processes, but also improvements in general health, such as the vascular system. In particular, the systemic condition of those who are already afflicted with cardiovascular diseases or diabetes, shows significant improvements. It is recommended that general physicians and cardiologists ask their patients to be screened by dental care professionals for the presence of oral infections and inflammation.

    Philips Sonicare Flexcare Platinum Intercare vs OralB Pro 6000

    Poster presentation by
    E. Michelle Starke, Ph.D
    June 23, 3.30 p.m. - 4.45 p.m.


    Comparison of Plaque Removal Efficacy by Two Power Toothbrushes. To compare plaque removal efficacy of Sonicare’s Flexcare Platinum with Intercare brush head to Oral-B Pro 6000 with Cross Action brush head.

    IADR/Philips Oral
    Healthcare Young
    Investigator Research Grant

    June 23, 5 p.m.


    This year marks the 10th anniversary of the research grant sponsored by Philips Oral Healthcare and offered through the IADR Periodontal Research Group.

    The goal of the grant is to provide seed funding for a postdoctoral student/staff member who is within 12 months of successfully completing a Ph.D. at the time of the submission deadline, and wishes to establish an independent program of research.

    The research proposal must have a clinical theme in line with Philips Oral Healthcare's desire to support and promote clinical research. The main judging criteria are relevance/importance and scientific quality, but an upward moderation applies for intercontinental collaborative applications.

    Dr. Marc Watts will present the award on behalf of Philips.

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    Where to find us?


    Going to the 94th General Session & Exhibition of the International Association for Dental Research? You can find us at booth #210.

    IADR event details

    Seoul, Republic of Korea, June 22-25, 2016

    COEX Convention Center,

    513 Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul


    Thursday, June 23, 2016

    9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

    Friday June 24, 2016

    9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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