How to treat gingivitis and cure bleeding gums

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Bleeding gums can be easy to ignore. But, if you have traces of blood when you spit out your toothpaste, or swollen gums after brushing, it’s time to act: these could be early signs of gum disease. Before we look at how to treat gingivitis, let’s look at the causes.


What causes bleeding gums?


Plaque build-up along the gum line and between your teeth is the main offender.


Left untreated, occasional bleeding gums can develop into gingivitis and go on to become gum disease, known as periodontitis. The good news? Caught early, gingivitis treatment is simple to do at home.

How to cure gingivitis


Spaces between teeth are prime breeding grounds for plaque-causing bacteria, so cleaning between teeth is essential to treat gingivitis.


Flossing is the most effective way to remove plaque that leads to bleeding gums. It’s one of those things that many of us struggle to do daily. There are parts of the mouth that are tough to reach, making it hard to stick to this good habit.


Serious about treating gingivitis? Get cleaning between your teeth!

Serious about treating gingivitis?

Philips Sonicare AirFloss Ultra could help you build cleaning between teeth into your daily routine. You can even blast plaque in hard to reach areas.


The results speak for themselves:


  • 89% of surveyed AirFloss Ultra users found that it was easier to use than string floss*
  • 93% of those surveyed found that it was easy to reach all areas of the mouth with AirFloss Ultra**
  • 99% of those surveyed said that their mouth felt fresh and clean after use*


[*Survey of U.S. patients]

[**In a single use study. Survey of U.S. patients]


As well as using water, you could try filling your AirFloss Ultra with an antibacterial mouthwash, like Philips Sonicare Breath Rx, for an extra burst of freshness.


It could be down to technique


Gingivitis isn’t the only cause of bleeding gums. Aggressive brushing can also damage your gums.

It could be down to technique

A pressure sensor is a great way to keep this in check. The handle of the Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected toothbrush has one built in, so if you press too hard, a gentle vibration will remind you to lay off the pressure, and let your brush do the work. Thanks to the sensor’s reminders, 7 in 10 aggressive brushers reduced their brushing pressure, successfully taking the strain off their gums.

Build good flossing and brushing habits into your daily oral health routine: it’s the simplest way to prevent gingivitis and keep gums in shape. And, of course, if bleeding gums don’t subside, schedule a check-up with your dentist to ensure your gums are healthy.

Keen to make removing plaque between your teeth a daily habit? Get to know Philips Sonicare AirFloss Ultra

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