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    90% of women experience
    an immediate pore visibility

    VisaPure Advanced

    3-in-1 facial spa at home for minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores

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    3-in-1 skin spa set for minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores

    90% of women experience immediate reduction of pore visibility

    85% of consumers agree that the VisaPure visibly reduces the appearance of blackheads already after first use

    10x better cleansing than cleansing by hands

    Suggested retail price: $199.99
    30 days money back
    30 days money-back guarantee
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    Warranty image
     2 years warranty

    Your daily dose of facial spa

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    Less than 5 min for a complete facial
    For all skin types

    Smart treatment
    Deep, gentle cleansing
    1 min treatment
    Smart treatment
    Precision cleansing
    30 sec treatment
    Smart treatment
    Revitalizing massage
    3 min treatment
    Smart treatment
    Waterproof and rechargeable
    1 full charge, 2 weeks of use

    Immediate pore visibility reduction in 9 out of 10 women

    Before cleansing
    Before cleansing
    Cleansing by hands
    Cleansing by hands
    Cleansing with deep pore brush
    Cleansing with Deep-Pore brush
    Cleansing with precision brush
    Cleansing with precision brush

    Get the luxury of skin spa at home with VisaPure Advanced

    Cleanse, precision cleanse, massage to reduce pore visibility and revitalize skin
    Trim image

    Deep-Pore brush with thin, gentle bristles

    Made up of 20,000 incredibly thin, gentle bristles that are up to 3 times smaller than your pores easily reaches inside the pores to clean thoroughly. Experience reduction in visibility of pores already after first use.*
    * by an average of 13% immediately
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    Edge subscription

    Precision brush for chin and nose

    It offers a customized treatment for chin and nose, with more intense rotations and a shorter treatment time to effectively clean the hard to reach pores. 89% women enjoy smooth skin*
    * Based on the subjective results from home placement test Precision brush, Japan, September 2016, N=62
    haircare 1x1 transparent image
    Shave image

    Revitalizing massage for healthy-looking, glowing skin

    Designed for a gentle yet effective massage, which feels like 750 gentle finger tapping movements per minute. Developed with Japanese facial massage expert, delivers deep-layer massage and relaxes muscles for a healthy, glowing complexion. The perfect treat for neck and décolleté.  
    haircare 1x1 transparent image

    Intelligent head recognition with custom Dual Motion technology

    The handle recognizes each attachment and selects the correct treatment program per attachment. Brush rotates and vibrates at the same time


    • 2 settings: Gentle and Intensive
    • Skin zone timer guides to switch to other side of face
    • Auto shut-off when treatment is complete

    VisaPure bristle technology

    20.000 fine bristles, up to 3x smaller than your pores. Cleanses pores, removes make-up, dead skin and stimulates deeper layers of skin.

    Japanese massage techniques

    Mimics tapping, rolling and lifting Japanese massage techniques. Delivers deep-layer massage and relaxes muscles.

    Customized nose and chin treatment  

    With precise design, delivers more intense rotations to effectively clean the hard-to-reach areas.

    VisaPure Advanced features

    • 2 settings: Gentle and Intensive
    • Skin zone timer guides to switch to other side of face
    • Auto shut-off when treatment is complete


    Beauty bloggers and VisaPure

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    Ali Stone - The benefits and results I started seeing right away has kept me using this gadget every single day. Now, I won’t go anywhere without it.
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    5 reasons why we love VisaPure  


    • Not just a brush! Your professional facial at home – cleanse, precision cleanse, massage
    • Gentle and fine bristles for healthy skin
    • Less than 5 minutes for a full facial
    • Perfect to use in the shower & rechargeable
    • Smart technology in one award winning design
    How are blackheads formed?”

    The science behind enlarged pores

    T zone

    Enlarged pores in the oily T-zone

    Oily skin is prone to enlarged pores, because impurities are formed when sebum mixes with dead skin cells, SPF and makeup residue.
    There are hundreds of thousands of pores on your face that can become clogged with this dirty oil, resulting in enlarged pores.

    These are often most apparent in the oiliest part of your face, so the best way to clean pores is to pay extra attention to the oily T-zone area with a specially designed facial cleansing brush, such as the VisaPure Deep-Pore brush.
    Click here to read moreRead less
    A zone

    How to clean pores in the A-zone

    Many women wish to reduce the appearance of pores in the A-zone, because tight corners around the nose can be difficult to target with hands alone, leading to more enlarged pores. The best pore cleanser to treat this area is one that targets these hard-to-reach bits. The VisaPure Precision Brush has a smaller size to achieve just this.

    What's in the box?

    VisaPure Advanced

    3-in-1 facial spa for minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores

    It comes with...

    • Deep-pore cleansing brush
    • Precision cleansing brush
    • Revitalizing Massage head
    • Storage pouch
    • Luxury storage palette
    • Charging stand
    Suggested retail price: $199.99
    30 days money back
    30 days money-back guarantee
    Icon delivery
      Free shipping
    Warranty image
     2 years warranty
    VisaPure cleansing brushes

    Cleansing brushes specially tailored for your skincare needs

    VisaPure brush heads are silky soft, for a gentle cleansing experience.
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