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    A simple way to beautify your home

    Philips 1.2W T3 capsule LED light bulbs deliver long life, energy savings, beautiful light and contain no mercury. This 1.2W LED can replace a standard 10W halogen capsule and can save $14.52 in energy costs*. See all benefits


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LED Capsule

1.2W (10W), G4 base, Bright White, Non-dimmable 046677454111 Find similar products

A simple way to beautify your home

Ideal for landscape and accent lighting

  • Instant on

    Long life reduces the hassle of replacing bulbs often.

  • Lasts 13.7 years*

    Long life reduces the hassle of replacing bulbs so often.

  • Provides a bright, crisp light

    This desk and cabinet capsule is perfect for desk lamps, under cabinet fixtures, and cabinet lighting. It provides a bright, white light and should be used with 12-Volt fixtures.

  • Reduces energy costs

    This bulb saves $14.52 in energy costs when you replace a 10W halogen with this 1.2W LED light bulb.*

See all Specifications
  • 13.7 years means rated average life based on engineering testing and probability analysis where the bulb is used on average 3 hours/day, 7 days a week.
  • At $0.11 kWh, this 1.2 watt, 105 lumen LED G4 Capsule uses $1.98 of electricity over its 15,000 hour life. This is a $14.52 savings when compared to the $16.50 required to run a 10 watt, 100 lumen halogen G4 Capsule over the same period. Actual savings will vary depending on cost per kWh.

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