CRT monitor

    CRT monitor

    professional 56 cm (22") aperture grille display

    A combination of superb aperture grille display performance and productivity-enhancing convenience designed for demanding professionals, this big screen CRT 202P4 conserves energy while meeting stringent safety and ergonomic standards. See all benefits

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professional 56 cm (22") aperture grille display

  • sRGB ensures color matching between display and printouts

    sRGB ensures color matching between display and printouts

    sRGB is an industry standard that ensures the best possible match between the colors displayed on your screen and those in your printouts.

  • Aperture Grille CRT for the best color and sharpness

    A high-end technology used for illuminating phosphors in CRT tubes. It delivers a brighter, sharper overall picture.

  • QXGA 2048 x 1536 resolution for shaper display

    Quantum eXtended Graphics Array: A screen resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels.

  • Advanced ICE technology delivers the ultimate in CRT display

    An exclusive Philips suite of technical enhancements that deliver outstanding CRT display.

  • Auto Preset compensates for magnetic interference

    Designed to keep the purity and video position of your monitor at good under different magnetic field.

  • Auto Calibrate returns your monitor to optimal settings

    A one-touch system for maintaining optimal CRT monitor performance by automatically recalibrating color temperature to their original values.

  • Auto signal switch accepts both SOG and 5 BNC signal inputs

    The function determines signal type and routes the signal to the proper channel.

  • Compatibility with PC, Mac and workstation platforms

    The ability to work with a variety of platforms; Philips monitors are compatible to connect with PCs and workstation by employing a VGA connection and connect with Macintosh.

  • Quick and easy to personalize On-Screen-Display control

    An on-screen panel for adjusting a monitor. The OSD is used for contrast, brightness, horizontal, vertical positioning and other monitor adjustments.

  • Easy, user friendly plug-and-play installation

    Plug-and-play is a peripheral connectivity standard. A plug and play display device can be connected to a PC and operate without requiring user intervention to adjust complicated settings.

  • Display more images and content without scrolling

    Viewing area is the visible portion of a monitor screen available for displaying data.

  • Lower power consumption than the industry average

    Reduction of the electrical power required to operate a device to achieve real savings.

  • TCO'03 guarantees the highest safety and ergonomic standards

    A TCO (Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees) standard even more stringent than MPR-II for safety and ergonomics, especially concerning alternating electric fields (AEF).

  • Environmentally responsible Energy Star partner

    A manufacturer in compliance with power conservation requirements set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency of the U.S. government.

  • For your safety: Aerospace composite fire retardant case

    PC/ABS plastic composite is the industry's best and toughest flame-retardant casing material; and is a space-age compound deployed in the aerospace and automotive industries as well as in fire detectors that is compliant with most stringent fire safety standards.

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