Connectivity Panel

    Connectivity Panel

    Complete Ease of Connectivity in Hotel Rooms

    With the Philips Convenience Panel, hotel guests can easily plug in any external device and enjoy the playback of content on the Hotel TV.

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Complete Ease of Connectivity in Hotel Rooms

  • Designed for commercial purpose, to withstand extensive use

    Philips Connectivity Panel is a commercial product, built with high-quality materials for intensive daily use by hotel guests.

  • Seamless integration with stand alone Philips configurations

    Seamless integration with Philips TVs in stand-alone configuration is supported, see compatibility list.

  • Supports interactive hotel TV system configurations

    Connectivity Panel supports various interactive and entertainment hotel TV system configurations, through industry standard Philips SmartPort protocol.

  • Multiple mounting options: wall, desk, or furniture build-in

    Philips Convenience Panel can be mounted in various ways, e.g. in the wall, on the desk or as a furniture build-in. An optional desktop kit is required to mount the panel to a desk.

  • Allows interactive entertainment from game consoles

    Game consoles can be connected to the TV through composite audio/video or HDMI connectors.

  • Allows personal audio listening from iPod & MP3

    Guests can listen to music from the source of their choice (iPod, other MP3 Player, or audio output from their PC) through plug & play connection with 3.5mm audio jack

  • Allows viewing video from PC, Camcorder & DVD player

    Viewing of video media from PC, camcorder, DVD player and various other devices is supported through VGA, composite audio/video, S-Video and HDMI connectors

  • Charge iPod and other devices through USB port

    USB 5V power socket allows guests to charge their personal devices.

  • Indicator lights showing active inputs

    Indicator lights provide easy to understand feedback to guests, by showing which input is active.

  • Easy press on button to select input

    Press on button for easy input selection.

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