Flat TV

    Flat TV

    Enhanced picture and sound

    Here is an LCD TV that not only enhances the décor of your home with its European styling and slim design, but also provides a great A/V experience with Crystal Clear III, Active Control, Virtual Dolby Surround and unique flat speakers See all benefits

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Enhanced picture and sound

  • High-definition LCD WXGA display, 1280 x 768p

    This WXGA display with state-of-the-art LCD screen technology gives you HD resolution of 1280 x 768p pixels. It produces brilliant flicker-free progressive scan pictures with optimum brightness and superb colors. This vibrant and sharp image will provide you with an enhanced viewing experience.

  • Crystal Clear III for natural images with enhanced quality

    Crystal Clear III combines a whole range of enhancements to provide a better picture. They include a 2D Comb filter, Dynamic contrast, Blue stretch and Green enhancement so that you always get the most natural looking colors.

  • Active Control optimizes picture quality whatever the source

    Active Control ensure that noise and sharpness improvements are continuously made at a rate of 60 times per second. By continually adjusting picture setting over 3,000 times per minute, Active Control Plus ensures that the viewing experience is optimized.

  • Unique new slim speakers deliver better stereo performance.

    Enjoy improved balanced sound and stereo performance like you've never heard before. The slim speakers use patented technology featuring a hi-fi like magnet system and unique speaker cones.

  • Virtual Dolby Surround for a cinema-like audio experience

    Virtual Dolby Surround is a processing technology for enhancing surround sound effects. It will create the sensation of Dolby Pro Logic without the necessity of additional rear speakers. You become totally immersed in your television experience.

  • PC Monitor function built in for added convenience

    This set has a VGA input which is compatible with the display output signal from your PC. This means you have the convenience of using it both as a TV and PC Monitor and for multi-tasking.

  • Built-in FM radio to enjoy your favorite radio stations.

    An FM radio capable of storing 40 preset stations in built in. On-screen station naming makes navigation simple, and a handy Clock Screensaver is also included for use while listening.

  • Compact, sleek design and small size fits in every room

    The compact set fits in every room due to its sleek design and size. Due to limited depth of the product, it even fits on a book shelf.

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