Hospitality LCD TV

    Hospitality LCD TV

    Experience Hospitality TV

    An economical no frills Free-To-Guest (FTG) solution that supports premium HD content with Pro:Idiom® and MPEG-2. See all benefits

    Unfortunately this product is no longer available


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Experience Hospitality TV

An economical no frills Free-To-Guest (FTG) solution that supports premium HD content with Pro:Idiom® and MPEG-2. See all benefits

Unfortunately this product is no longer available

Hospitality LCD TV

81cm/32", LCD, Pro: Idiom™ 32HFL4441D/F7 Find similar products

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Experience Hospitality TV

The 4400D Series

  • ENERGY STAR® qualified product

    ENERGY STAR® qualified product

    This product has earned the ENERGY STAR®. ENERGY STAR qualified products meet or exceed the guidelines estabished by the U.S. govenment for in-use and standby power consumption, at the time of manufacture. Learn more at

  • Eco-friendly design & flame retardant housing

    Sustainability is integral to the way Philips does business. Philips TVs are designed and produced according to our EcoDesign principles aimed at minimizing overall environmental impact, through lower power consumption, removal of hazardous substances, lower weight, more efficient packaging and better recyclability. Philips TVs also have a special housing of flame retardant material. Independent tests carried out by emergency fire services have shown that whereas TVs can sometimes intensify fires caused by external sources, Philips TVs will not contribute to the fire.

  • Multi-voltage compatible 110-240V, 50/60Hz

    Wherever you are in Mexico or the Carribean, this set is designed to be compatible with the power system. By incorporating a power supply that supports 110-240 volts and 50 or 60 Hz, we allow you to offer the same great television across all of your properties without worry.

  • SmartCP integrated connectivity for the guest

    Allowing your guests to access their content has never been easier or more affordable. Guests can simply plug devices into our easily accessible side connectivity panel and the television will automatically detect and switch to the correct input. Guests can even plug their USB memory sticks right into the set and play back music or photos (.mp3 or .jpg files).

  • ThemeTV simplifies channel selection

    Hotel guests often have difficulty locating desirable programs since they are unfamiliar with the channel lineup. Traditional Electronic Program Guides (EPGs) are little help as the guest has to scroll through multiple pages to find channels. In addition, traditional EPGs require hotels to pay fees for channel information on a per room basis. Philips is proud to introduce a better program-location tool with ThemeTV. Guests simply filter by type of channel, for example "Sports" and instantly see and tune to any Sports channel available. Guests are seconds away from desirable content.

  • SmartInstall allows easy installation, cloning and setup

    Philips introduces SmartInstall, the most complete and easy to use installation process we have ever offered. SmartInstall consists of an easy to use PC program that allows all features to be configured and all channels to be mapped in a fraction of the time it takes to do so on an actual television with a remote. And with the addition of the Philips Smart Gateway, the televisions can even automatically clone all settings when plugged in.

  • SmartPower² and ESP for energy savings

    Our second generation power saving technology allows the backlight intensity to be dynamically adjusted by the system to reduce the power consumption by up to 60%, saving substantially on energy costs. In addition, Philips' Energy Savings Programmability (ESP) allows the set to turn itself off when not in use to save even more energy when guests or maids leave televisions on for long periods while the room is vacant.

  • USB cloning of all settings for quick installation

    Provides the ability to easily copy all programming and channel programming settings from one TV into other TV sets in less than a minute. The feature ensures uniformity between TV sets and significantly reduces installation time and costs.

  • USB media autoplay

    Philips TVs feature a USB connector that allows the guest to connect USB memory sticks to play music or photos right on the TV.

  • Local support and service (Carribean)

    Support available 7 days per week in Bahamas 866.443.5763, Jamaica 866.435.7555, Dominican Republic 866.435.7555. Support available M-F 6AM to 6PM in other Carribean locations 809.682.4411. Local Service is available M-F 9AM to 6PM, call 5999.833.9270.

  • Two-year advanced exchange warranty in Mexico

    Philips offers unmatched commitment to keeping your guest rooms in working order. We have such confidence in the reliability of our products that we offer a two-year advanced exchange warranty with local service and support. Available in Mexico, for details, call 800.837.0900.

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  • Five Star Advanced Exchange warranty is valid in the United States only. Local warranties govern sales in other countries.

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