commercial TV

    commercial TV

    Ideal for entertainment systems

    Sleek and elegant RealFlat™ styling gives you digital picture quality with full commercial features. SmardCard™ interface provides seamless pay-per-view connectivity and the ability to upgrade to new technology. See all benefits


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commercial TV

81 cm (32"), real flat 32ST6210/27 Find similar products
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Ideal for entertainment systems

and interactive services

  • Real Flat picture tube technology brings you lifelike images

    The flatter tube provides a wider viewing angle while minimizing reflections for the best picture possible.

  • SmartCard™ Expansion Slot

    Permits OEM or 3rd party decoders and controllers to be installed inside the television for custom designed component integration. Eliminates the need for external set-top decoders, controllers, or data terminals. Integrates system for superior control applications. Allows expandability for future upgrades. Prepared for digital applications.

  • Active Control optimizes picture quality whatever the source

    Active Control ensure that noise and sharpness improvements are continuously made at a rate of 60 times per second. By continually adjusting picture setting over 3,000 times per minute, Active Control Plus ensures that the viewing experience is optimized.

  • SmartPlug Xpress & Serial Xpress Control interfaces

    The Smartplug interface permits OEM or 3rd party decoders and controllers to interface with the TV.

  • Wireless SmartLoader for fast cloning

    Provides the ability to copy easy and wireless all programmming settings from one TV set into other TV sets in less then a minute. The feature ensures uniformity between TV sets and significantly reduces installation time and costs.

  • Total Program Control

    Locks in commercial customized settings and features with a master TV set-up, significantly reducing installation time. Ensures uniformity across displays and prevents guests from altering pre-set formats.

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