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    Bring the SPA to your home

    Bring intriguing spa effect to the home. The IMAGEO AquaLights is a set of three floating lights in a truly stunning white design. Ideal for water-filled decorative vases and for recreating a romantic health spa look in the bathroom. See all benefits

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Bring the SPA to your home

  • LED technology is cool to touch

    LED technology is cool to touch

    While having the light effect the product remains cool to touch because of the LEDs.

  • Flickering light that is like a real candle

    They give off a warm glow with gentle flicker, but without the risk of open flames and hot wax

  • Easy wireless induction charging no hassle with wires

    Easy recharging of the products with wireless induction charger

  • No open electricity

    By using unduction charging and waterproof products the user is not confronted with open electricity.

  • Battery operated, no need to connect to mains while in use

    They provide more than an evening of light per charge, and are easily recharged using the wireless induction charger.

  • Floating on the water of a bath, in a flowerbowl or pond

    While floating they can wiggle on the surface and create a romanric health spa look in the bathroom or they feature an elegant decorative element in your vase.

  • Simply tilt the candle to turn it on and off

    By tilting the candle you can switch it on and off. Surprisingly easy and funny.

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