Bloom White

    Bloom White

    LivingColor Bloom

    Philips LivingColors Bloom LED lamp. Expressive and different. Placed in the back or front row, smoothly blends in your interior. Just take the remote control, select one of the 16 million colors and enjoy the mood lighting.

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  • LivingColor Bloom

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LivingColor Bloom

Color your world with light

  • choose among 16.000.000 colors

    choose among 16.000.000 colors

    Select your own favorite color at the LivingColors LED lamp out of the 16.000.000 different color options for the perfect mood lighting.

  • dimmable


    Adjust the brightness of the Philips LivingColors LED lamp as you like by using the remote control.

  • light output 120 lumen

    light output 120 lumen

    With the LivingColors Aura you can have a big ambiance impact because of the light output of 120 lumen. Just place the LivingColors Aura wherever you like and point it towards a light-colored wall to get the full experience.

  • easy-to-use remote control

    easy-to-use remote control

    By turning the color wheel on the remote control of the Philips LivingColors LED lamp, you can easily select every color you like for the perfect mood lighting.

  • adjustable color intensity

    Add more white to your color by using the remote control to get the perfect pastel shades.

  • automatic color changing mode

    Turn the color wheel for 360° and then press the 'I' button, sit back and let the colors of the LED lamp change automatically.

  • nice diffused light effect

    All the different colors of the Philips LivingColors LED lamp blend naturally into your interior because of the diffused light effect.

  • 2 buttons to store your favorite colors

    Store your 2 favorite colors for easy recall with the favorites buttons on the remote control. Just select the color you like to store and hold one of the two favorites buttons to store it.

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