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    LED spot

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    Ultimate light quality, highest energy saving

    The next generation in lighting: Philips MyAmbiance LED bulbs. Latest inNovation and best in class products give you more than just light. Dimmable, instant light, highest energy saving and mercury free in unique designs See all benefits

    871829112759800 Find similar products

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myAmbiance LED spot

4W (35W), GU10, Warm white 871829112759800 Find similar products

Ultimate light quality, highest energy saving

Replaces any light bulb

  • 90% energy saving

    Today, we have many different technologies available making light. Some need more energy, others less to give a comparable amount of light. This is what makes them more or less efficient. Standard lamps convert only 5% of the energy into light, while 95% are wasted as heat. Energy saving technologies delivers the same amount of light with 90% less energy consumption, simply less wasted heat. So they save energy and money.

  • Beautiful light

    Philips MyAmbiance LED light bulbs give a beautiful, warm white light. With this energy saving LED bulb, colors appear as they are meant to be.

  • Immediate light dimmable with most dimmers

    Immediate light when switching on, dimmable with most dimmers.

  • Up to 25 years lifetime

    Modern technologies have a longer lifetime than standard bulbs. With 25 years lifetime, one lamp replaces 25 standard bulbs. So they save money and last longer, year after year. The lifetime is based on the average usage of 2,7 hrs per day or 1.000 hrs a year. This average is influenced by the usage during different seasons (dark winter vs light summer), the weather conditions (sunny vs rainy dark day) and on the room where the lamp is used (short usage in bathroom vs long usage in living room).

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