Personal wireless lighting

    Personal wireless lighting

    Control your lights from anywhere

    Control your lights from anywhere. Philips Hue lux brings you bright and dimmable warm, white light that you can control from your smart device. Hue lux bulbs fit into existing E27 light fittings. Step into the world of connected lighting. See all benefits

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Hue Personal wireless lighting

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Control your lights from anywhere

App controlled light settings in an instant

  • Set lights to turn on and off when you're away from home

    Set lights to turn on and off when you're away from home

    If you're working late or out for the night, you can simply turn your connected lights on or off remotely. That way you can make it look like you're at home, even when you're not. You can also set your lights to come on at a set time. Ideal if you're away on holiday but you want people to think you're still in! The lights will switch on just before you arrive home from work; that way you'll never come back to a dark house again.

  • Control from your iOS and Android smart devices

    Control from your iOS and Android smart devices

    The Philips Hue personal wireless lighting system lets you control your lights wirelessly from anywhere in your house. Be it from the living room, the dining table or your bedroom, your smart device can control any light connected to the bridge.

  • Perfect digital dimming

    Perfect digital dimming

    Philips Hue lux lamps give off a bright, warm white light for a range of functions. It’s so easy to set the light level for any activity you have in mind. Enjoy perfect digital dimming control from your smartphone/tablet - no more fiddling with dimmers or switches.

  • Use the timer to set alarms and change your lights over time

    Use the timer to set alarms and change your lights over time

    The timer function lets you gradually change your lights over time. Use Hue lux as your wake-up light. Pre-set it for a gradual increase in brightness intensity to bring you out of your sleep in a pleasant, gentle way. No more jarring beeps from a conventional alarm clock! You can also use the timer to turn your lights off gradually, helping you fall asleep naturally. Or simply set the lights to come on at a preset time, such as when you're heading home, so the lights are on when you arrive.

  • Customize your connected lighting

    Customize your connected lighting

    Make your smart lighting work for you. Hue makes your life easier by offering you the possibility of automating light settings. The integrated Geofencing technology toggles the lights off when you leave your house and switches them back on when you're back. Never come back to a dark home again. By linking it to If This Then That (IFTTT), you add another digital layer to your lighting. Have a bulb flashing when you get an important mail or social media update, program a light flash when your favourite team scores or have lights react to the weather forecast. The possibilities are endless.

  • Enjoy light effects synced to your moment

    Enjoy light effects synced to your moment

    A first for Philips, the Hue ecosystem is open to the developer community beyond Philips. There are an ever-growing number of applications being developed by inspired 3rd-party developers, which has resulted in creative lighting schemes opening up possibilities such as syncing your lights to incoming mails or tweets, or linking them to many other signals from online feeds.

  • Always up to date

    Always up to date

    The Philips Hue ecosystem is based on the ZigBee Light Link technology - a low-power, safe, and reliable way to control your lights. Updates to both software and firmware are done wirelessly and seamlessly, direct to your Hue bulbs or bridge.

  • Connect up to 50 bulbs and lamps

    Connect up to 50 bulbs and lamps

    You can connect up to 50 bulbs or lamps to your Philips Hue bridge. Simply begin with any of the available starter kits and start adding in any combination. So, you can have Philips Hue bulbs, Philips Hue Bloom, Iris or LightStrips. Control any connected light in your home with just the tap of your finger.

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