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    Wake up to your iPod in stereo

    Start your day with your iPod music, FM radio or buzzer. Awaken to find your iPod charged and ready to go! Enjoy your iPod in stereo with the easy to use, compact beside speaker dock featuring an adjustable LCD display and battery backup. See all benefits

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Wake up to your iPod in stereo

with the easy-to-use alarm dock

  • Attractive speakers fill any room with your music

    The attractive speaker system looks great in any room of your house so you can enjoy your music out loud instead of on your headphones.

  • Secure and convenient charging dock for iPod

    Conveniently charge your iPod in the secure and discreet dock. Your iPod will continue to charge while docked, whether or not it is playing music.

  • Adjustable LCD display

    To change the brightness of the LCD, simply press the button to make it more or less bright depending on your preference.

  • Fall asleep to your music

    Choose your favorite music for drifting off to sleep at the push of a button. Simply select the length of time for your device or radio to play, and the speaker will power itself off at the end of the set time.

  • Save your own 4 radio presets

    It's easy to save your favorite radio stations in order to instantly tune to the station at the push of a button. Save up to 4 preset stations.

  • Wake to iPod, radio or buzzer

    Wake up your way - to iPod music, a radio station or a classic buzzer sound. The alarm is easy to set, and features a snooze button for a few minutes more of sleep time.

  • Speakers designed for bedside use

    This compact speaker system lets you enjoy your music in the bedroom, in the kitchen or any other room of the house - anywhere you want to enjoy your music out loud instead of on your headphones.

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