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Layered protective case

    Layered protective case

    Two layers snap together

    The unique ArmaDuo design combines a hard plastic exterior with a rubberized interior layer. Together, these layers offer improved protection against impact & shock. Includes interior layers in 2 colors for variety. See all benefits

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Two layers snap together

for protection & a unique look

  • Access to all controls and dock connector

    The openings on this case allow convenient access to all controls and dock connector, so you can use your device while it's protected inside the case.

  • Slim design fits easily into your bag

    This case is designed to add protection with minimal bulk, so you can easily carry your device in your bag or backpack for protection on the go.

  • Honeycomb construction deflects vibration & dissipates shock

    ShockStop protects devices with a walled tri-form construction that dissipates shock. Unlike a solid surface that can conduct vibration, the segmented ShockShock surface pattern interrupts & stops reverberation.

  • Fun, exciting color combinations

    The fun, exciting color combinations of each layer of the case let you express your personal style while protecting your device from both impact and shock.

  • Hard plastic exterior protects against impact

    The hard plastic exterior acts as an exoskeleton to provide protection against impact.

  • Rubberized interrior layer protects against shock.

    The rubberized interior layer provides strong protection against shock.

  • Hard & soft dual-layered protection against impact & shock

    ArmaDuo construction protects devices by combining a hard plastic exterior with a softer, more pliable interior layer. Together, these layers offer improved protection against impact & shock.

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