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Wall charger

    Wall charger

    Compact USB charger holds

    Compact charger has pull-out cradle to neatly hold your iPhone or iPod while charging from any wall outlet. Charger delivers more power for a fast charge. Use the included cable to sync with iTunes or charge devices from a computer. See all benefits

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Compact USB charger holds

your iPod or iPhone while it charges

  • Delivers more power for a faster charge

    Delivers more power for a faster charge

    Don't sit around waiting for your device to charge! The higher power output of this charger ensures your device is fully charged in a shorter amount of time compared to standard, less powerful chargers.

  • Plug-in charging dock for safe and secure charging

    The wall-mounted dock gives your iPhone or iPod a save and secure place to charge. Simply plug the dock into the wall to cradle your iPod or iPhone - this gets your iPod or iPhone up off the floor where it could be stepped on, and up out of the way of spills and countertop messes.

  • Safely charge your iPod or iPhone

    Plugging your device into a cable-based charger and leaving it on the floor or countertop puts your iPod or iPhone at risk of being stepped on or damaged from spills and splashes. Instead, using a wall-mounted charger elevates your iPod or iPhone for safe and secure charging.

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