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Charging base

    Charging base

    Put power where you need it

    Set up your ChargeOn system for effortless wire-free charging. Plug in compact charging bases anywhere you typically power up: at the office & around your home. Then, use a battery pack to charge on contact - freeing yourself from cables See all benefits

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Put power where you need it

with the convenience of effortless charging

  • Double the battery capacity for nearly twice the talk time

    Double the battery capacity for nearly twice the talk time

    Now you can talk, surf and enjoy the music and videos on your iPod or iPhone for nearly twice as long with double the battery capacity provided by the compact, lightweight battery.

  • Recharge your device's battery on the go

    Keep the battery pack on hand so you have the power to recharge the battery of your device wherever you are. Simply connect the battery pack for an easy and convenient recharge on the go.

  • Works anywhere - great when you're not near a power source

    Even if you're not near a wall or car charger, you can recharge your device's battery with the convenient battery pack. The intelligent battery pack supplies power first, so you can remove the pack after use and still have a full battery on your device.

  • Mini-USB sync and charge cable

    The included mini-USB cable connects to a USB charging unit - like your computer or a USB wall or car charger. When connected to your computer, the cable allows you to sync your iPhone or iPod with iTunes.

  • Charge on contact – no plugging and unplugging

    Simply place a wire-free battery pack onto a charging base to begin charging both the pack and your device on contact.

  • Put power where you need it with the slim charging base

    From the kitchen to the office or the bedside table, plug in a compact base wherever you frequently charge your devices. Then you'll charge simply by placing a wire-free battery pack onto the base where you'd usually set your device down anyway.

  • Meet the ChargeOn system for effortless charging

    Power supplies cluttering up your life? Set up your ChargeOn system for effortless wire-free charging! Plug in a base where you typically power up: at your desk, in the kitchen, on your bedside table. Then use the attachable battery packs to free yourself from cables and have backup power everywhere you go.

  • Wire-free enabled to work with ChargeOn bases

    The battery pack is designed with contact points that allow you to charge it on an ChargeOn base simply by placing it onto the base – no more plugging and unplugging! Grab a base for convenient wire-free charging.

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