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docking speaker

docking speaker

for iPod/iPhone/iPad, Clock display DS1200/37 Find similar products

Technical Specifications

  • iPod compatibility

    Compatible with
    • iPod
    • iPod classic
    • iPod mini
    • iPod nano
    • iPod nano 1st Generation
    • iPod nano 2nd Generation
    • iPod nano 3rd Generation
    • iPod nano 4th Generation
    • iPod nano 5th Generation
    • iPod nano 6th generation
    • iPod touch
    • iPod touch 2nd Generation
    • iPod touch 2nd Gen 8/16/32GB
    • iPod with color display
    • iPod 5th Generation
  • iPhone compatibility

    Compatible with
    • iPhone
    • iPhone 3G
    • iPhone 3GS
    • iPhone 4
  • iPad compatibility

    Compatible with
  • iPod/iPhone/iPad App

    App name
    • DockStudio
    • Free download from App store
    iOS 4.3 to iOS 10.3
    • album/track navigation
    • playback controls
    • analog display
    • digital display
    • multiple alarms
    • wake up to music
    • wake up to nature sounds
    • wake up to photo
    • sleep timer
  • Sound

    Output power (RMS)
    Sound System
    Volume Control
    Volume Control up/down
  • Loudspeakers

    Neodynium magnet system
  • Audio Playback

    Cradle playback mode
    Charging iPhone
  • Convenience

  • Charging

    USB devices
  • Dimensions

    Master carton dimensions
    237 x 122 x 169 mm
    Product dimensions (WxDxH)
    208 x 140 x 82 mm
  • Power

    Power supply
    100-240VAC, 50/60Hz

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