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    USB memory key

    Give soul to your data

    Functionality at its ultimate. Fantasy at its brightest. From now on, a sensational connection between Philips and Swarovski brings technology to new heights of enjoyment. Its name, Active Crystals. See all benefits

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Swarovski Active Crystals USB memory key

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Give soul to your data

for documents, pictures and music

  • Silver Shade crystals set in Ceralun

    Style and Simplicity gracefully fuse with crystal light, due to the Silver Shade crystals set in Ceralun. When useful is not enough, the new Active Crystals USB Memory Key gives soul to your data sharing.

  • Stylish jewel in beautiful polished stainless steel

    Functionality at its ultimate and fantasy at it brightest. The new Active Crystals USB Memory Key comes in a stylish and precious design, made of polished stainless steel.

  • Beautiful necklace and storage pouch

    Attach your Active Crystals USB Memory Key to the beautiful necklace and wear it as a stylish charm around your neck. To protect your precious Active Crystals USB Memory Key, a special designed pouch is included.

  • 1GB storage capacity for large data files

    A useful 1GB gives you the capacity to store, swap and share large files like documents, music and pictures via the USB port of your PC or laptop.

  • Fast data transfer with high-speed USB 2.0

    High-speed data transfer rates significantly cut annoying waiting time when you're copying large multimedia files to or from your computer's hard disk.

  • Share and store up to 250 songs & 1000 photos

    This stylish jewel has been developed to share and store up to 250 songs and 1000 pictures and makes it ideal for personal, portable and powerful use. From a mother carrying around pictures of her children, to business women carrying their files, with extreme ease and convenience.

  • Specially designed and easy to use software included

    A complete software suite is included, which will run automatically from the Active Crystals USB Memory Key and give you access to useful features, like file synchronization and automatic file compression.

  • Protect your valuable, personal data with a password

    Due to password protection including 256-bit AES encryption, your valuable personal data can be protected from unauthorized access by simply using a password.

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