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DVD Recorder/Hard Disk

    DVD Recorder/Hard Disk

    DVD Recorder/Hard Disk

    Record anything without having to worry ever again where to store it. Keep what you like in lasting digital quality on DVD

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DVD Recorder/Hard Disk

Record today on Hard Disk and preserve for life

  • Instant Replay for reliving a live TV moment with one touch

    Instant Replay for reliving a live TV moment with one touch

    With Instant Replay, you can relive magic movie moments and super sports scenes - anytime you want. At the touch of a button, the hard disk will replay the last 30 seconds. Skipping backwards further requires nothing more than pressing the button again.

  • FlexTime to watch the beginning while you record the end

    FlexTime to watch the beginning while you record the end

    With FlexTime you can watch a program while it’s still being recorded, thanks to the extreme speed of a Hard Disk. You can also watch a different program from the Hard Disk while it’s recording something else.

  • i.LINK digital input for perfect digital camcorder copies

    i.LINK digital input for perfect digital camcorder copies

    Also known as IEEE 1394 and FireWire, i.Link carries all audio and video signals via a single cable digitally, with no loss in picture and sound quality. With i.Link digital video input, you can copy your home videos in their original digital picture quality.

  • High-speed archiving from HDD to DVD at up to 20x speed

    High speed archiving lets you make a copy of a recording from Hard Disk to DVD in a fraction of the original recording time. Once the program is stored on HDD you can copy it to DVD+R/RW at maximum speed.

  • One Touch Pause Live TV freezes the action instantly

    Pause Live TV puts you in absolute control. Once the recorder is turned on, a large built-in memory automatically starts recording the program you are watching -- allowing you to pause, replay or save the program, anytime. If you need to take a break, you can pause your 'live' TV program with just one touch of a button, and resume watching when it suits you.

  • TV Guide On-screen provides Point and Click TV recording

    TV GUIDE On Screen is an Interactive Program Guide – a free on-screen TV Guide that shows what’s on TV for the next couple of days and lets you program the timer of the DVD Recorder with the push of a button.

  • Channel Blaster controls external channels via DVD recorder

    The Channel Blaster is a special accessory that lets a DVD Recorder control external cable TV receivers. It sends infra-red remote control commands in order to switch the cable box on and select the correct channel.

  • Smart chaptering adds scene-based chapter markers via i.LINK

    Smart chaptering detects scene cuts (time/date changes) in the DV original to ensure the chapters in the DVD copy are lined up exactly.

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