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Voice Tracer

Reporter set

    Voice Tracer

    Reporter set

    Notetaking at its best

    The Reporter Set lets you easily record speeches, lectures, presentations, or small meetings. The Digital Voice Tracer, click-on zoom microphone, and the remote control make this bundle the all-in-one tool for wide-ranging recording needs. See all benefits

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Voice Tracer Reporter set

4GB, 572 h recording time LFH0885/00 Find similar products

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Notetaking at its best

Record interviews and speeches

  • Click-on zoom microphone for distant recording

    The innovative unidirectional zoom microphone is capable of capturing voices from far away, and suppresses surrounding noise at the same time.

  • Convenient operation with remote control

    The remote control is the most convenient way to start and stop the recording, set index marks, or open up a new recording file for separated chapters.

  • Uncompressed PCM stereo recording for CD-like audio quality

    Choose among several recording modes, from uncompressed PCM stereo recording for audio CD-like quality, two stereo modes including SHQ and HQ, or three monaural modes including SP, LP and SLP for extended recording times.

  • Adjustable microphone sensitivity for better sound quality

    The signal–to-noise (S/N) ratio of the high-sensitivity microphone is far better than those of standard microphones. Recording sensitivity is increased (picks up more voice signal) without compromising sound quality.

  • Extra large backlit display for an at-a-glance overview

    The large graphical display lets you view all important file information at a glance, thanks to the backlit display, even in poor lighting conditions.

  • Stereo lapel microphone and earphones included

    A lightweight stereo headset designed for comfort during extended use and an omni-directional stereo lapel microphone accompany your Voice Tracer. The microphone's high pick-up sensitivity provides excellent recording quality while the stereo headset delivers powerful sound.

  • Organize your files in a fast and easy way with four folders

    The VoiceTracer digital recorder supports up to 99 recordings in each of four available folders to organize your files in a fast and easy way.

  • Extra large front speaker for crystal-clear voice playback

    Large speaker drivers have more capacity to create sound, they therefore offer a powerful, rich sound experience.

  • USB mass storage ensures maximum compatibility

    As a USB mass storage device, the Voice Tracer offers a convenient way to save, back up and move files. The Voice Tracer connects to a computer using a USB connection and does not require special software to be installed. The Voice Tracer is automatically displayed as a removable drive, allowing you to simply drag and drop files to and from the unit.

  • Visual record level indicator displays the voice level

    The visual record level indicator gives you a clear feedback on the voice level to make sure that you are constantly recording under optimal conditions.

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