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Voice Tracer

digital recorder

    Voice Tracer

    digital recorder

    Notetaking at its best

    The Voice Tracer 888 comes with a USB Docking Station, so the recorder is always charged, in convenient reach at the desk, and easily connected to the PC for data transfer. Record ideas, notes, and listen to the radio or your favorite tunes See all benefits

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Voice Tracer digital recorder

4GB, 572 h recording time LFH0888/00 Find similar products

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Notetaking at its best

The convenience of recording

  • Recharging of batteries via USB

    Recharging of batteries via USB

    The batteries of your Voice Tracer can be recharged using the power from your PC.

  • Uncompressed PCM stereo recording for CD-like audio quality

    Choose among several recording modes, from uncompressed PCM stereo recording for audio CD-like quality, two stereo modes including SHQ and HQ, or three monaural modes including SP, LP and SLP for extended recording times.

  • USB Docking Station for charging and easy file transfer

    Charge your Digital Voice Tracer simply by docking it into the USB Docking Station. It provides easy file download to the PC as well as a convenient table stand for the recorder.

  • Adjustable microphone sensitivity for better sound quality

    The signal–to-noise (S/N) ratio of the high-sensitivity microphone is far better than those of standard microphones. Recording sensitivity is increased (picks up more voice signal) without compromising sound quality.

  • Enjoy MP3 and WMA music playback

    Store your music collection and downloaded songs on your Digital Voice Tracer. Playback of WMA and MP3 music formats is supported.

  • Extra large backlit display for an at-a-glance overview

    The large graphical display lets you view all important file information at a glance, thanks to the backlit display, even in poor lighting conditions.

  • Extra large front speaker for crystal-clear voice playback

    Large speaker drivers have more capacity to create sound, they therefore offer a powerful, rich sound experience.

  • Rapidly transfer recordings and data via high-speed USB 2.0

    Thanks to the fast data transfer of a Hi-Speed 2.0 USB connection, transfering recordings to your PC is up to 40x faster compared with the original USB standard.

  • Instant one-touch recording - from power off to record mode

    Press and hold the record button for a moment to switch the Digital Voice Tracer on and start recording instantly.

  • Stereo lapel microphone and earphones included

    A lightweight stereo headset designed for comfort during extended use and an omni-directional stereo lapel microphone accompany your Voice Tracer. The microphone's high pick-up sensitivity provides excellent recording quality while the stereo headset delivers powerful sound.

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