PC Soundcard

    PC Soundcard

    Sonic powered surround sound

    The Sonic Edge 5.1 multimedia soundcard transfers all your stereo CDs, MP3s and games into awesome 5.1 channel surround sound using QMSS™ technology


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Sonic powered surround sound

Awesome audio enhancement

  • Enjoy PC audio with the quality of a home audio system

    Philips has used over 75 years experience at the leading edge of audio to create PC audio products with the same performance as our award-winning home audio systems.

  • Digital sound delivers a clean signal for perfect quality

    Audio is transferred as a digital signal and only at the last minute is it converted to an analog signal. This reduces the amount of interference on the signal and results in playback that is true to the original recording.

  • Compatible with music, games, film & internet audio sources

    All types of music, games, films and internet audio sources can be played, so no matter what you want to hear, we make your multimedia experiences sound more involving than ever.

  • Easy-to-use Sound Agent 2 optimizes the audio experience

    Sound Agent 2 is intelligent software that comes with a fun and easy-to-use graphical interface. It takes the confusion out of PC audio by automatically optimizing sounds for all popular formats. Sound Agent 2 makes it easy to fine-tune any audio performance to suit your personal musical taste.

  • QMSS transforms stereo to convincing multi-channel surround

    QMSS turns all stereo sources to convincing multi-channel surround, meaning that all games, music and movies can be heard in multi-channel surround sound, and not just in regular stereo.

  • 5.1 channel sound for Dolby Digital® and EAX® reproduction

    5.1 channel sound for reproduction of Dolby Digital® and EAX® sound sources

  • Reliable audio via a SPDIF coaxial connector

    An SPDIF coaxial cable is a highly reliable way of connecting digital audio.

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