Data storage

Technical Specifications

  • Sound

    Sound Enhancement
    • Auto Volume Leveller
    • Balance
    • EQ by genre
    • Graphic Equaliser
  • Connectivity

    3.5 mm
    Microphone socket
  • Accessories

    Included accessories
    Installation CD
  • Software

    Music Match Jukebox
    Music Match Jukebox
    Philips Sound Agent 2
  • System Requirements

    CD-ROM drive
    Compatible Soundcards
    • General MIDI
    • Sound Blaster PCI
    • EAX 1.0
    • EAX 2.0
    • Microsoft DirectSound
    • Microsoft DirectSound 3D
    • PCI 2.1
    • MPU-401 UART
    • QInteractive 3D
    • QSound Environmental Modelling
    Hard disk space
    35 MB
    PC OS
    Windows® 98 SE, 2000, ME, XP
    233 MHz processor or better
    RAM memory
    32 MB

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