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MultiLife Rechargeable accu

MultiLife Rechargeable accu

AAA, 700 mAh, Nickel-Metal Hydride R03B2B70/37 Find similar products

Technical Specifications

  • Power

    Battery capacity
    700 mAh
    Battery type
    AAA Nickel-Metal Hydride
    Battery voltage
    1.2  V
  • Green Specifications

    Chemical composition
    Nickel-Metal Hydride
    Heavy metals
    • Cd free
    • Hg free
    Packaging material
    • Carton
    • PET
    Packaging type
    Clam shell blister
  • Technical specifications

    Shelf life
    2 years
  • Packaging dimensions

    14.5  cm
    9.7  cm
    1  cm
    Nett weight
    .051  kg
    Gross weight
    .057  kg
    Tare weight
    .006  kg
  • Outer Carton

    26.2  cm
    24.9  cm
    13.7  cm
    Nett weight
    1.829  kg
    Gross weight
    2.005  kg
    Tare weight
    .176  kg

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