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    Improve your Gamecube experience

    Step up your game with this ergonomically designed TriggerGrip controller. Enjoy better tactile contact and "feel the game" vibration. See all benefits

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Improve your Gamecube experience

  • Built-in dual vibration motors

    Two internal motors with unbalanced weights provide vibration when activated by the game for total immersion in the game.

  • 2 shoulder triggers

    These fully pressure-sensitive interactive control buttons are located on the front of the controller and control certain functions of the game.

  • 5 digital fire buttons

    These digital control buttons are located on the face of the controller and control certain functions of the game.

  • 8-way directional control pad

    Directional pad that represents up , down, left, right and four diagonals, controlling certain directional functions of the game.

  • Rubber tactile grips

    Molded rubber grips on handle enhance comfort and dexterity during game play.

  • Automatic action button

    Automatic action button functions in a repeating action mode to allow quicker reactions to game events.

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