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Gaming starter kit

    Gaming starter kit

    All you need for your PSP

    This complete kit offers everything you need to take your PSP on the road. See all benefits

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All you need for your PSP

  • Rechargeable power pack

    Extends your play time by 6.5 hours.

  • Micro FM tranzmitter

    This miniature wireless transmitter plugs directly into the PSP headset and plays PSP through a car/home stereo.

  • Flip and view charging stand

    Place the PSP on this stand to view and charge simultaneously.

  • 1 to 2 headset adapter

    Share the listening excitement of your PSP with this adapter that goes from one 3.5 mm headphone jack to two.

  • Antiglare screen protector

    This protective clear strip reduces glare and protects your PSP screen from scratches.

  • Microfiber screen cleaning cloth

    Protect your PSP from dust and fingerprints with this gentle cleaning cloth.

  • UMD disc cleaner

    Easily removes dust and build-up from your UMDs. Works with non-toxic cleaning solution.

  • Non-toxic cleaning solution

    Easily removes dust and build-up from your UMDs. Works with UMD cleaner.

  • Protective visor

    Sturdy polycarbonate face plate attaches easily to PSP to protect the entire unit from scratches.

  • Leather-styled portfolio case

    This handsome leather-styled case stores and protects all your PSP items.

  • Retracting car adapter

    A USB 2.0 on one end and a power input on the other allows you to charge and download at the same time.

  • Retractable USB 2.0 cable

    Additional USB 2.0 cable allows you to download music. Retractable design eliminates tangled wires.

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