Portable audio

Component HD/AV cable

    Component HD/AV cable

    Illuminated TV/console connections

    Light up and connect your gamming console to your TV through component video and stereo audio for great resolution gaming graphics. See all benefits

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Illuminated TV/console connections

  • Gold-plated console connector

    Designed to easily interchange with different consoles, this gold-plated connector provides better graphics resolution for lifelike play.

  • Nickel-plated connectors for reliable contact

    Nickel-plated connectors establish a clean contact between the cable and connector for a reliable connection.

  • 5 RCA connectors

    Allows you to choose how to connect to your TV, through component or composite inputs with stereo audio jacks.

  • Supports 480i and 480p resolutions

    This ability to handle higher resolutions provides the best graphics possible on your system.

  • Color coded connectors for instant recognition

    Color coded connections make it easy to install your cable into the correct inputs and outputs

  • Illuminated connectors

    Connectors light up with multi-color illumination to confirm a secure connection to your gaming console.

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