Caller ID

    Caller ID

    Talking Caller ID

    Conveniently screen calls without being near the phone. Ideal for busy households. See all benefits

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Caller ID

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Talking Caller ID

  • Announces caller's 10-digit phone number

    An audible announcement that eliminates having to glance at the small caller ID screen on either your phone or the caller ID unit.

  • Bi-lingual announcements

    Switch to English or Spanish at the touch of two buttons.

  • 3-line LCD display

    A visual display of the caller's name, phone number, date and time the call was placed.

  • Record Personalized Messages

    The ability to record messages specific to the caller. The message is triggered by the caller's incoming phone number

  • Personalized announcements

    The ability to change the incoming caller's 10-digit number to a familiar name.

  • Environmentally friendly lead-free construction

    Lead-free construction of environmentally friendly materials.

  • Stores 99 calls for review

    A visual announcement that holds calling information in memory until the user is ready to retrieve them.

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