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Wireless Music Adapter

    Wireless Music Adapter

    Music here, PC there - without wires

    Step away from the PC. Start enjoying your digital PC music, now played on your home audio system. Listen to music as it was supposed to be

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Music here, PC there - without wires

PC to Audio system

  • Stream high-quality music from your PC to the audio system

    Stream music from your PC to your audio system in high quality. Listen on your audio system to music files stored on the PC. Select songs from your music collection according to artist, album or genre.

  • Keep music stored on the PC while listening in another room

    Keep your music collection centrally stored on your PC and enjoy it wirelessly on your audio system.

  • Browse PC music files with the supplied remote control

    Browse, select and play music from your music collection on your PC. The remote control gives you direct interactive access to the PC music you want to play on the audio system.

  • Listen to Internet Radio without your PC.

    Add more radio stations to your current audio system by connecting directly via your broadband Internet connection to the Internet Radio Station.

  • Listen to 40 pre-programmed internet radio stations.

    Use your broadband internet connection to access one of the 40 pre-programmed internet radio stations. Upgrade your existing audio system with new internet radio stations.

  • Digital music processing offering the best sound quality

    The digital music is sent in digital format to your music receiver and processed via the digital sound processor to give the best sound quality on your audio system.

  • Robust wireless connection ensures high quality audio

    The wireless standard means that no wires need to be installed between your PC and consumer electronics devices. The wireless standard ensures a robust and secure connection with optimal bandwidth availability for high-quality sound transmission.

  • Supports WMA, WMA-DRM and MP3 music formats

    Store your music collection and downloaded songs on your PC in one of the many supported audio formats. Then playback on your audio system. Playback of WMA, WMA-DRM and MP3 music formats is supported

  • Blue backlight LCD display for easy navigation

    Local blue backlight LCD display facilitates easy navigation through your music collection.

  • Less clutter. Less fuss. Wireless link means no drilling.

    A 2.4 GHz wireless link between the receiver and transmitter means you don't have to lay cables or drill holes through walls.

  • Stay up-to-date with software upgrades

    The product is capable of benefiting from new and improved functionality via software upgrades. Check via the broadband internet connection for the availability of new software versions. You can easily decide if you want to upgrade and enjoy even more features. Stay up-to-date with new and improved product functionality via the website and upload it using the software supplied.

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