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Netbook sleeve

    Netbook sleeve

    I'm cool so you can be comfortable

    Elegant and versatile, Philips netbook sleeve protects your netbook wherever you go. It’s a handy surfing surface in a departure lounge or on your living room sofa. Its built-in HeatProtect keeps your netbook and legs comfortably cool See all benefits

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Netbook sleeve

25.9 cm (10.2"), with HeatProtect SLE2100EN/27 Find similar products

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I'm cool so you can be comfortable

with HeatProtect

  • HeatProtect layers prevent heat build up

    HeatProtect layers prevent heat build up

    You use your netbook on your lap to watch videos on a train, listen to music at the beach and browse the net, chat with friends or work on documents when you are at the airport. But over time the heat generated from sustained use makes your legs feel uncomfortable and could damage yout netbook. Philips HeatProtect protects you and your netbook by keeping you both cool with its layer of aluminum to disperse the heat from your netbook, rigid surface to give it the air circulation it needs and an insulating layer to protect you from high temperatures.

  • Stable surface to rest your netbook on

    Stable surface to rest your netbook on

    If you use a magazine as a desk on your lap it is very slippery and is not a stable surface for your netbook, especially when you want to assume a comfortable position for your body. And you might damage your netbook if it slides off. The Philips Netbook Sleeve has a flat top surface for your netbook and a soft underside for your lap, so you can keep your netbook stable and secure while you watch YouTube, listen to music or work on documents anywhere you go.

  • Comfortable to use on your lap

    Comfortable to use on your lap

    Soft comfortable underside for your lap

  • Wide mouth, easy to slip your netbook in

    Wide mouth, easy to slip your netbook in

    Philips Netbook sleeve has three sides opening, so you can slip your netbook in easily.

  • Rubberized scratched-free zippers

    Rubberized scratched-free zippers

    Your netbook or notebook might get scratched by the zipper head when putting into your sleeve or bag. The Philips sleeve and bag use a rubberized zipper puller reduces the possibility of your netbook and notebook being scratched as well.

  • Protects your netbook from scratches

    Your netbook might get scratched by other hard surfaces in your bag when putting your netbook into your netbook sleeve or bag. The Philips Netbook Sleeve and Netbook bag use a suede-like material inside to protect and keep your notebook cozy and scratch-free.

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