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Wired notebook mouse

    Wired notebook mouse

    Wired notebook mouse

    The small size of this soft grip notebook mouse offers you precision comfort wherever you are. The accuracy is equally impressive, with 800DPI and a high definition precision optical sensor guaranteeing you smooth and accurate tracking. See all benefits

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Wired notebook mouse

  • High-performance LED optic guarantees precision control

    High-performance LED optic guarantees precision control

    Philips optical technology ensures extra accuracy and responsiveness. You can work with it on most surfaces, including wood, plastic or paper.

  • Soft rubber grip for extra comfort

    When you're using your mouse for prolonged periods, its hard plastic shell can leave your hand tired, while the sweat can make it slippery and difficult to use. With a soft rubber grip these problems are avoided leaving your hand feeling relaxed.

  • 800 DPI accurate reactions

    With 800DPI, this mouse provides accurate reactions. The cursor will move exactly where you want it. It's all thanks to the high-definition optical sensor that registers even the smallest movements. Giving you complete cursor control.

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