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Surge protector

    Surge protector

    Eight outlets rotate for flexibility

    Eight outlets conveniently rotate 90° to provide ideal cord direction. Advanced V3 surge protection provides 27% more surge protection capacity than standard surge protectors. See all benefits

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Surge protector

Rotating outlets, 12 outlets SPP3114WA/17 Find similar products

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Eight outlets rotate for flexibility

4320 Joules

  • $400,000 connected equipment warranty

    $400,000 connected equipment warranty

    Protects your connected equipment for the life of the product.

  • Power blocker

    This automatic shutdown technology senses when the device has reached capacity and automatically shuts down electricity to your equipment. It protects against subsequent surges, even if you are not present

  • Data line/phone protection

    These connectors accommodate either an RJ45 or an RJ11 cord. They route either line through the surge protector to guard against spikes and surges that may occur in the data or phone lines.

  • 1-line splitter

    These connectors route the telephone line through the surge protector and split the line to allow two devices to be connected. It offers the convenience of leaving two devices connected constantly even though they may not be used simultaneously

  • 12 outlets

    Converts one outlet into 12 outlets allowing you to plug in multiple devices from one single AC outlet.

  • V3 Advanced Surge Technology

    This new surge protection technology provides 27% greater surge protection capacity and better heat dissipation for safe, more reliable and longer lasting surge protection.

  • 8 ft power cord

    Provides power to the unit which can be 8 feet from the AC outlet.

  • Protection indicator light

    This LED alert lights up to indicate the surge protector is working properly.

  • Cord management system

    Collects the power cords and directs them away from the device in an organized fashion to keep the area clutter-free.

  • 8 rotating outlets

    Eight outlets rotate 90° for ideal cord direction, effectively eliminating tangles and mess.

  • Coax line protection

    Connectors route the coaxial signal through the surge protector to protect against surges and spikes.

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