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Surge protector

    Surge protector

    Surge Protector

    Home electronics surge protector provides the right amount of protection for your basic needs and keeps your equipment safe from electrical surges. See all benefits


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Surge protector

6 outlets, 600J of surge protection, 2.5 ft. power cord, master switch SPP3160A/17 Find similar products

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Surge Protector

Protect your electronic devices

  • $50,000 connected equipment warranty

    Protects your connected equipment for the life of the product.

  • 600 joules

    Prevent thousand of dollars of damage of your electronic devices

  • 2.5 ft. power cord

    Provides power to the unit which can be 2.5 feet from the AC outlet.

  • Master on/off switch

    This master switch controls power to the outlets on the surge protector.

  • 15-amp circuit breaker

    Internal 15-amp cirucit breaker shuts off power to the outlets in case of overloading or short circuit. Press the convenitent reset button located on the tap to restore power after the circuit breaker shuts off.

  • Expands a grounded outlet into 6

    A power multiplier that converts 1 grounded outlet in to 6 grounded outlets.

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