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Surge protector

    Surge protector

    Computer Network

    Unlimited joules protects better than the highest joule-rated surge protectors on the market today. Denies power if any threat is present, then can be instantly reset to restore surge protection and operation. See all benefits

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Surge protector

Resettable, 10 outlets SPP7357WC/17 Find similar products

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Computer Network

with Power Blocker 2 technology

  • Phone line protection

    These connectors accommodate an RJ11 cord, routing the telephone line through the surge protector to guard against spikes and surges.

  • 2-line splitter

    These connectors route the telephone line through the surge protector and split the line to allow two devices to be connected. It offers the convenience of leaving two devices connected constantly even though they may not be used simultaneously

  • RJ45 data line protection

    These connectors route the data line through the surge protector to protect against spikes and surges that may occur through the data line.

  • Power blocker 2 technology

    This circuit-breaker like switch senses an over voltage, then quickly and completely disconnects power to the connected equipment. It can be manually reset once the surge event is over to restore protection.

  • 10 child-safe outlets

    Safety slides provide a protective barrier that block the outlet so small objects cannot get in. Keeps children safer.

  • EMI/RFI noise filtration

    Built-in filtering technology ensures the best performance from your components. It guards against signal interference and loss of data.

  • 100% Lightning Warranty

    Protects against lightning strikes 100% of the time. Connected equipment is warranted should it be damaged by lightning.

  • $1,000,000 connected equipment warranty

    Protects your connected equipment for the life of the product.

  • Instant reset switch

    This switch allows instant resetting of the surge protection, restoring protection and operation immediately. It eliminates downtime from having to purchase another surge protector.

  • Offset right-angle plug

    This flat and angled design conveniently directs the cord away from the lower outlet and allows furniture to sit more closely to the wall.

  • Protection indicator light

    This LED alert lights up to indicate the surge protector is working properly.

  • Cord management system

    Collects the power cords and directs them away from the device in an organized fashion to keep the area clutter-free.

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