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Cleaning kit

    Cleaning kit

    CD/DVD discs and players cleaning kit

    Regular cleaning of your CDs, DVDs and players prolongs the life of your discs and protects your players. Regular cleaning of your discs and player's lens also ensures top performance from your equipment. Now get everything in one package. See all benefits

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CD/DVD discs and players cleaning kit

  • Voice instructions in 14 languages

    Voice instructions in 14 languages

    The voice instructions on this easy to use CD lens cleaner guide you through the cleaning process in one of the 14 languages provided.

  • Special cleaning fluid to safely clean discs

    This cleaning fluid is specially formulated to gently clean away dirt and dust from your discs. Works with the non-abrasive cloth.

  • Dry cleaning wipes

    These lint-free, non-abrasive wipes gently work to safely remove dust, dirt and debris from discs.

  • Safe and easy radial cleaning action

    Clean and protect your discs with this safe and easy radial cleaning action that clears discs free of dirt, dust and debris.

  • Microfiber cleaning pad

    This cleaning pad is made of special microfiber material. It works in concert with anti-static cleaning fluid to ensure that your discs are cleaned safely and remain free from dust and dirt.

  • Safe dry brush cleaning system

    The dry brush cleaning system safely removes dust, debris and other contaminants from the CD/DVD players laser lens, leaving it clean and performing optimally.

  • Audio system check for correct setting

    The audio system check determines whether the speakers are properly adjusted.

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