How to groom your Treasure Trail

Guide on how to trim your treasure trail.

How to trim your treasure trail


1. To shape your treasure trail, use the Philips Norelco Bodygroom PRO. Work first in the direction of the hair growth and then against for a closer shave. Before you start grooming your treasure trail, consider whether you want a hard line or a natural gradation between the shaved and not-shaved areas.


2. To enhance a treasure trail or create one where once there was only an indeterminate thicket, first roughly mark out the outline of your treasure trail using a white eyeliner pencil. With time, you’ll be able to freehand, but as symmetry is key here, a guideline can be helpful. Respond to where hair is naturally thicker. The idea is to enhance the trail that’s already there but hiding.


3. Groom the large areas first, following the instructions above.


4. When you reach the outline of the treasure trail, using a trimmer designed for body grooming like the Philips Norelco Bodygroom PRO, shave towards the treasure trail boundary in short, light strokes. Try to avoid a hard line, and instead flick the wrist up so hair length is graduated.


5. If combining a treasure trail with a shaved man garden, avoid a hard line at the base of the trail. Instead use the five adjustable length settings of the trimmer to naturally graduate the treasure trail from hairy, to shaved.


6. Finally, using a longer setting on the trimmer, neaten up your treasure trail by trimming the remaining hairs so they are an inch or so long.


7. Rinse with cool water, pat dry with a soft towel and finally apply a light, unscented lotion.


Following the treasure trail

The treasure trail divides opinion. Those who have them often don’t want them and those who don’t, do. Express yourself by getting the treasure trail look that’s right for you by following the above guide. Do remember to consider how your treasure trail look will work with the rest of your body grooming look.