The Chevron Mustache

The Chevron Mustache is the heavyweight of all mustaches. It's thick and big. Time to be proud.

As mustaches go the Chevron is a heavyweight. It's a badge of honor that shows you've earned your stripes. Worn on its own, it says you're not afraid to grow one mighty style statement. Or let your beard stubble grow out below and you've got yourself a Stached Stubble look that nobody's going to argue with. Respect!


1. Comb your beard downwards, set your beard trimmer to 3-5mm, and trim your beard and mustache area evenly all over.


2. Using your beard trimmer without the comb, trim downwards 1cm below the corner of your mouth.  


3. Remove the rest of your beard with the trimmer, or just go as short as stubble if you like.


4. Define the Chevron Mustache shape and trim any stray hairs.


5. Tidy up with a rotary shaver if you like. Use pomade to keep your mustache looking great.


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