The Chin Strap Beard

Learn how to create the Chin strap beard style

Step by step guidance on how to create a Chinstrap


1. Give yourself an even trim with a beard trimmer, using a setting of
1/8 to 1/5 of an inch.


2. Now use a precision trimmer, outline an inch-wide strip running from ear to ear along your jaw line. Note: for a more adventurous Chin Strap beard you may want to make this line zigzag across the jaw for effect


3. Shave the your cheeks and neck clean, with a rotary shaver, moving in a gentle, circular motion. You’ll want to use the mini foil shaver to carefully shave along the edges of your Chin Strap beard.

Styling/maintenance your Chin Strap beard

This beard style requires constant maintenance to keep the Chin Strap defined, as it’s easily overgrown.

Take it on the chin

The Chin Strap beard is a bold choice: it was worn by hip-hop acts like Color Me Badd back in the 90’s, which might be where it’s better off staying. However, if you feel like playing around and creating some zany lines (in the privacy of your own home), this is the beard style to experiment with.

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