Why descale my Saeco machine?


    Water contains calcium and magnesium salts. When water is heated in your coffee maker, calcium and magnesium break down and precipitate to form limescale, or scale. This affects the boilers, pumps and any interior parts that carry water. In the areas where the water sits still for a while, such as the boiler, scale builds up.  

    The build-up of limescale over time will slow water flow, reduce boiler capacity, create heating problems and eventually cause blockages. 

    To prevent all this you need to descale your coffee machine.

    How to descale my Saeco machine?

    Select your machine for clear descaling instructions

    How to descale my Saeco machine?

    Select your machine for clear descaling instructions

    Saeco PicoBaristo
    Saeco PicoBaristo
    Saeco Exprelia

    Saeco Exprelia

    HD8855, HD8857

    Saeco GranBaristo

    Saeco GranBaristo

    HD8964, HD8965, HD8966

    Descale your Saeco machine with the correct descaler


    If you have a Saeco espresso machine, only use the Philips/Saeco descaler CA6700 or CA6701.


    Never use descaling agents based on mineral acids such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and sulfamic acid. These descaling agents may damage your coffee machine’s pipe and tube system.

    When should I descale?


    Saeco espresso machines indicate when you need to descale. How often you need to descale depends on the amount of coffees you make and the hardness of the water you use. On average it is once every three months. Heavy users should do it more often. 

    Find user manual

    To find more detailed information, type in the name or product number of your Philips espresso machine

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