Enterprise partnerships

Catalysts for change

Seeking healthcare organizations with a passion for transformation

As health system leaders pursue bold organizational and functional solutions to their pressing needs, Philips is developing enterprise solutions that provide additional ways to address their complex, systemic challenges. 


New business models that position strategic suppliers as long-term partners for value creation can be a powerful force for financial stability and operational excellence. Structured properly, an enterprise partnership with Philips can be a strong lever to help stabilize expenditures, mitigate risk, preserve cash for transformation initiatives, and create near- and long-term value for patients. 


Do any of these challenges sound familiar to you? If so, we’d like to share more information on how our enterprise partnership framework can help.

Could your organization benefit from an enterprise partnership with Philips?

Common reasons to consider an enterprise partnership

Challenges such as these can actually create an opportunity to transform your organization beyond its short term goals. Whether triggered by financial pressures or a vision to optimize care, a partnership with Philips has the potential to impact every aspect of your operations and care delivery.
Radial Challenges diagram