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Consumer Electronics Show 2016

January 6th - 9th | Sands Expo and Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV | Booth #72941

We’re at CES this year to share a new age in personal health. By merging the converging worlds of personal and professional health, our interconnected solutions and programs connect to all parts of life, so you can take better care of yourself and stay in touch with those who take care of you.


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What's Happening?

Thursday, Jan 07

Baby Tech Summit – High Tech Nursery: Smart, Connected, Passive and Awesome


Aliette van der Wal, Vice President, Mother and Child Care at Royal Philips

The Venetian, Level 2, Ballroom G

What does the smart nursery look like? Done right, it will notify you when there’s a problem and keep a watchful eye. Come see the next generation of nursery gadgets, aimed to make your and your baby's lives safer, simpler and more fun.

Friday, Jan 08

Digital Health Sessions – Untapping to IoHT


Liat Ben-Zur, Senior Vice President, Digital Technology and Connected Propositions at Royal Philips

Venetian Hotel, Level 4 Room 4304

Data, information, technology--it’s all meaningless if we, as people and patients, can’t make sense of it all. It’s estimated that by 2020, the Internet of Things (IoT) will consist of 50 billion objects. How do we leverage this connectivity? How do we benefit it from it? How do we live healthier, happier lives as a result of our connected world? Join Philips SVP of Digital Technology to discuss the Internet of Health Things and how people can influence technology, instead of being influenced by it.

SRC Customer Story: How Digital Health Saved My Life


Claire Wineland, Claire’s Place Foundation

Venetian Hotel, Level 4 Room 4304

Digital health is here, and it’s here to stay. Why? Because it’s profoundly changing people’s lives - even literally saving them. Don’t miss this awe-inspiring session and hear directly from patients what digital health is truly capable of. 7-minute presentation

Creating a data-driven, collaborative online community

Our prototype application envisions collecting data from electronic records, wireless devices and patient-reported input, while also connecting people living with diabetes with providers and others with the same condition. The prototype enables:


  • Data-driven feedback, coaching and decision support on blood-glucose levels, heart rate, nutrition and treatment
  • Collaboration with fellow patients and care givers in the secure online diabetes community
  • Profile personalization including standard glucose dosage values and automatic reminders for testing
  • Historical view of insulin dosage and progress over time, as well as the ability to self-track mood, carbohydrates and exercise
  • Wireless data collection from devices such as smart scales and wireless glucose meter

Connecting care in the cloud


Our cloud-based HealthSuite Digital Platform connects data and devices with people and providers, to enable more personalized care between hospital and home.


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Making meaningful connections across the health continuum


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