EANM 2017
European Association of
Nuclear Medicine


October 21- 25, 2017 | Austria Center Vienna | Vienna, Austria

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At Philips, we believe that molecular imaging has the ability to deliver great value across the healthcare continuum. This year at EANM we’ll show how we’re using innovation to simplify the path to clinical decision-making, enhancing value for imaging teams, health systems and, most critically, patients.
Philips vereos pet-ct scanner

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Philips vereos pet-ct patient

Drive improved treatment and care

Designed to bring molecular imaging closer to precision medicine, Vereos is the world’s first and only fully digital PET/CT system. Vereos offers improved detectability and characterization of small lesions1 and uncompromised lesion detectability in one tenth of the time2.
Philips ingenuity tf pet-ct

Enhance the patient and staff experience 

Strike the right balance between your clinical, operational, and financial challenges with Ingenuity TF PET/CT. Leverages Philips’ proprietary Astonish TF technology for enhanced lesion detectability and xPand5 quantification tools assist in measuring and monitoring disease progression. 
Philips nuclear medicine

Simplify data and insight gathering 

The latest edition of Philips’ comprehensive advanced visualization and analysis platform, IntelliSpace Portal 9.0 provides enterprise‐wide access to a comprehensive suite of Molecular Imaging processing and review applications. 
KLAS Category Leader

Award-winning solutions

Philips IntelliSpace Portal is a proud recipient of a 2015/2016 KLAS Category Leader designation for:


  • Enterprise Advanced Visualization
  • Global Patient Administration System South America and Global (non-US) PAS Latin America


This win signifies our commitment in delivering exceptional healthcare informatics solutions to help our customers enhance their workflow, advance decision making, and improve patient care.

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1Nguyen NC,  Image Quality and Diagnostic Performance of a Digital PET Prototype in Patients with Oncologic Diseases: Initial Experience and Comparison with Analog PET, J Nucl Med 2015; 56:1378–1385

2Zhang J., Evaluation of speed of PET acquisition: How fast can we go? - A validation of list mode PET simulation approach with true acquisitions, SNMMI 2017