Threshold PEP positive expiratory pressure

Airway clearance

Featured solution: Threshold PEP (positive expiratory pressure) Used for airway clearance, bronchial hygiene, or as an alternative to chest physical therapy. The resistive load creates positive pressure during exhalation that helps open the airways and allows mucus to be expelled.

Threshold IMT inspiratory muscle trainer

Respiratory muscle trainer 

Featured solution:  Threshold IMT (inspiratory muscle trainer) Provides consistent and specific pressure for inspiratory muscle strength and endurance training, regardless of how quickly or slowly patients breathe. This exercises respiratory muscles and improves breathing.

InnoSpire Go

Nebulizers and compressors

Featured solution: InnoSpire Go A portable mesh nebulizer that delivers treatments in just 4 minutes*, utilizing clinically proven, vibrating mesh technology—to give patients more time for what matters most. It’s designed for ease of use, is lightweight and can be used by both children and adults with or without a facemask.

OptiChamber Diamond

Spacers and holding chambers

Featured solution: OptiChamber Diamond This valved holding chamber is extraordinarily small and convenient. Its intuitive design enhances medication delivery for most patients, at home or in the hospital.